Sibelius Collection

For Sibelius, creating of great masterpieces was exaltation and translating of strong visions of tones to music paper, but also resilient forging and extremely precise handicraft, where he weighed the ingredients of his music on a golden balance, with paying close attention to every tiny detail.

  1. Cranes, the birds of my youth

    Cranes, the biggest birds living in the Finnish nature, made a deep impression on Sibelius with their majestic appearance and with the voice that ripples the enchantment of the wild nature. Cranes were “the birds of my youth” for Sibelius, and their voices carried him far away from all that was ordinary. In his diary, Sibelius wrote  his experiences on cranes’ arrival and their familiar voices during the springtime migration: “I saw cranes. I heard once again my voices!”

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  1. My Sibelius

    We all have our own connection to Jean Sibelius. For others, the connection is born through the composer’s great orchestra works, concertos or solo works. Sibelius Collection has given me a chance to build my own connection to Sibelius. For that, I am grateful.

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