My Sibelius

We all have our own connection to Jean Sibelius. For others, the connection is born through the composer’s great orchestra works, concertos or solo works. Sibelius Collection has given me a chance to build my own connection to Sibelius. For that, I am grateful.

Here at Jeweller Tarkkanen, while working up the Sibelius Collection, we have been inspired by the works of the composer, and also his biography and especially markings in his diary, which I have had a chance to familiarize myself with. It has been fascinating to read how strongly the Finnish nature, soil, sky and changing seasons have inspired our composer. How in his writings Sibelius ponders of the course of his creation work, how he feels ecstatic, how he sometimes feels insecure and sometimes blissed – even humble ahead of his task.

As a jewellery maker, I forge my Sibelius into jewels in our collection. The first Sibelius Collection jewellery line, the 5th Symphony, celebrates the 150th anniversary of Sibelius. This year’s autumn season we will release Common cranes and Mosaic –jewellery lines, which already bode the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Finnish independence in 2017.

Mika Tarkkanen

”I wanted to be a goldsmith already when I was a little boy. When at the age of five I made my first ring, I had absolutely no idea, where it would lead.”